Monday, October 19, 2009

A potluck of thoughts with no main course

thoughts drip from eyes
salty and regretful of
only the need for this moment
but not of the truth
my words give

if only, if only,
i had the answers to my own questions -
could dissipate my own confusion
blueprint my love
and lead us both to a time line
with an exact point at which this would work in the future.

timing is always
a bitch
with two faces and no safety net

what does her face look like? what are her names?
I have not a clue
maybe risk, opportunity, fear, excitement, yeah yeah the list goes on.
I'm sure you know them well.



I'm angry, I'm in love at the wrong time
And you're in love at the wrong time


.Second Serving.

My love is wavering and unstable
I am never a safe bet and never will be
And I'm definitely one of those "complicated" women
I think a lot, express a lot, want a lot, need a lot,
No, second thought, I don't need a lot -
but I do need it to be real, I need you to be real
And I need you to be able to work through the bullshit
- communicate maturely, honestly, openly, willingly.

I don't know everything, I haven't seen every movie, I am not familiar with
every photographer, I haven't heard of all the bands - do not be surprised.
Most times I live in my head and speak with my eyes. I am always willing
and eager to learn, listen, experience.

Ah, yes - a glimpse.
Don't dive in. Snorkel first.
Test the waters.
when ready, Wade carefully
when ready, swim with your eyes open
when'll know.
It's an ocean, not a pond,
but there are no sharks, only goldfish. I promise.

If you're scared, I'm not sure what tell you.


Different note, same measure
That was too soon but it felt good.
And the more I think of it, it feels right.

Oh, timing.
She thinks she's everything.

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