Saturday, October 31, 2009

Safe travels

October 30th
8:05 am

::Laying on the chairs, in an Atlanta airport - waiting for my flight to Ohio::

How different we are as explorer's
You, headed directly to your destination.

Hands that do not adventure, eyes that do not wander -
...Moving straight ahead to your port of satisfaction.

Whilst I want my hands to feel the terrain of your body,
experience the entire bodyscape of you, to see every reaction
from every touch and sensation,
to use your pores as a navigational system,
dock my hands and my mouth on every port -
taking the long and scenic route.

You are traveling past this moment
to a destination that gets off -
arriving at an orgasmic release.
While I would rather taxi at the terminals
than get off.

I have nowhere to be in such a hurry.
Slow down or take a direct flight somewhere else.
I am not interested in traveling with my eyes closed
or being your connecting flight.

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