Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Digging and digging

Weaving in and out
Up, through, and over
This timeline of you.

We've been here before
I've been here before
The familiar road of
hope, waiting, excitement,

When will I learn
When will I see
the reality of this situation
is it's really only ever been me.

I say my farewells this time

Erase the contacts
the emails, the numbers,
the text messages,
the emotions,
the memories
the hope

Give away the things
that keep me in this space
that tie me to you

Say goodbye, farewell

That little box tucked far away
The t-shirt given once upon a time
senseless sentimental shit
all of it, I need none of it

Just need to wash myself
clean of you
rid you

Close the door on this
because no matter what time it is
it will never be the right time
for you and I

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