Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tonight I screamed the whole way home out of happiness and excitement.

I am thrilled because I am getting my first weekend off in months...
I am thrilled beacuse I am ...(sidenote...I'm a little drunk and I don't feel ) likecoreecting m english mistkases forgive me.)
...becauwe I love my coworekders and because I lve y job and everything. This is also making me laugh hystericalley becaue I cant; type for shit right now. sorry.

I also lovce that i'nm going to boston for my first time. I;m just happy. m y liofe ois good. i'm cRACHIKING MY7OELF O=UP RIGHT TNOW;...

i work with amazing, artistic peiople who inspiore me to the tenth degree. they also make me laugh uncontrollably at work. alwyas, thank you universe thakm you. ;)

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