Friday, February 12, 2010

fall in love with winter's dreams, spring inside your summer's fire, this recycled love is all but for awhile

love you've taken me in
entangled me in your web
disillusioned me with your warmth
wrapped me in words and promises
i knew you well
i knew you well

love you spoke so softly
whispered infinite days and
tongued time lines of forever
i never
i never thought i could feel
like this again

firm with desire
i take you inside of me
love i want to be there when you come again

come again

my youth and your roots
maybe it was never forever
but it was beautiful
while it lasted

when will they learn
i am never forever
but i'm good for awhile
and so are you
so lets just enjoy it
lets just enjoy it
love, this time,
you were good to me
i am wishing you well, seasons over.

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