Monday, March 8, 2010

There is something that is semi comforting about
the sound of a lawnmower coming in with the breeze
of an open window

sunlight bathe me in memories
of my childhood
and dreams of my future
we can kiss in the spring
and run in the winter

sunlight take me to that place
in North Carolina
where my grandmother lived
where i first discovered
a midsummer's night dream
where the stairs were
painted red and made out of
hardwood and creaked with memories
of a thousand feet

sunlight take me with you
to that place behind eyelids
that turn black after looking
at you direct
to that place within lens
that creates parallax

sunlight take me with you
to that place unknown
to that place with open arms
and a soundtrack of a child's laughter

Dear sun,
I'm waiting for your light.


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