Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've signed in and out of this blog
three times already today.
This is my third attempt at writing,
maybe this time you will see it.

Maybe this time you'll see how
scattered my thoughts are
how incomplete my sentences
how unsure my words.

Maybe this time.

The work days are going by fast this week.
I am successfully getting paid to do nothing
and still hoping that I get fired soon.

I know that's risky to write.

Bravery or cowardice?
I bet this one you'll see.
It'll be the rush of putting it out there
for the world to see.

Craving an outer body experience
to escape my thoughts.
I wish I had tried acid during my
experimental drug phase.

I hated shrooms. Someone told me
next time just try the stems, not the caps.
Yeah...next time.

Someone push pause for me.

This movie is not making sense
and the plot is all over the place
"It's like an episode from Lost that doesn't deliver"

Yeah, it's like that.

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