Friday, October 2, 2009

Full moon in Aries

Nana came to me in my dream the night before last
hugged me
we were laying in a bed of some sort
not hers
a hospital bed I believe

She came to me again in mind
while I was at the spa last night

I felt her this morning with my tea

Beckoning me to
be a better woman
the one she always saw in me
a lady with a clear sight of what
is truly important in life

It felt good to stop for a minute
to spend a $100 on groceries
to have fresh cut cantelope
with green zen tea for breakfast

to wake up early as if I had
gotten enough sleep
to observe my plant in the morning
with her leaves cradling the room
to warm up to opening my blinds
while getting ready for work
to music
to a warm shower
to have time to make a lunch
to have time to stretch
to have a little time for me

Poised in her 95 years of strength and grace,
of wisdom, of knowledge, of unconditional love

Matriarch tree of life
came and spoke to me

I awoke wish a vision of better things
of peaceful days
of stable energy
of a local community

time for books
time for violin

listening ...


I heard you loud and clear Nana, I heard you loud and clear.

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