Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The morning after Dahlia

we've been sitting across the table for hours
staring blankly at the things around us that make up this space
broken tile with dirty edges, peeled cabinets, the stain of soy sauce by the refrigerator door -
these things are imposters of importance in our minds that are trying endlessly to make space for other things then the truth of the situation.

there's a ray of light just hitting the corner of her neck
her breast is playing peek a boo with the lace dress she is wearing
taunting further this game of reality

we're doing very well at this

coffee - him
tea - her
hands clasped
bed sheets stained

we are rustling just underneath the surface
so alive
so apologetic
wanting not to feel guilty for this
we smile briefly while avoiding eye contact
i guess it's done

she leaves awkwardly
i'll clean the mess

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